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Rare metal, heat storage effect makes it a wet suit


Rare metal, heat storage effect makes it a wet suit

Rare metals that are indispensable for electric vehicles and renewable energy power generation equipment.
Takisada Nagoya (Nagoya City), a textile trading company, has applied this material to textiles, which is attracting attention due to the worldwide trend of decarbonization.
It took about two years to develop a combination of rare metals and polyester in 2020.
This yarn absorbs ultraviolet rays and produces a heat storage effect.
“If you don’t propose high value-added materials, you will be cut off in the industry” (Director Hiroyuki Taki), and the company has demonstrated a heat storage effect that is 10 degrees or more higher than general materials.
First, it was adopted as a wet suit for surfers.
After 2021,The company plans to develop products for new fall and winter collection and sell them overseas.

2021/3/22 18:00 Japan Economic Newspaper Electronic Edition


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