President’s Message

Taking on New Challenges
as a “Diverse Organization”
on the Global Stage

President and CEO
Kentaro Taki

Founded in 1864, TAKISADA-NAGOYA has traversed more than 150 years of history. This company, which was started by the first generation Sadasuke Taki from a family business that operated a fabric and drapery wholesaler business, has changed its business areas and management environment with the times and currently functions as a trading company specializing in textiles that performs the entire range of business functions from planning and development to procurement, production, and sales of various types of clothing, fabric, apparel, and similar items. We are now expanding into markets in regions across Europe, America, and Asia based on our successful operations in Japan. We have also constructed a network for our materials procurement, development, and production system that connects our operating bases in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and other areas as a means to multilaterally expand and develop our operations.

Over the century and a half of our company’s history, one reason for our well-rooted corporate culture that has enabled us to survive turbulent times and take on the global challenge is that, “TAKISADA-NAGOYA is a diverse organization.” As our company consists of numerous business and sales sections with differing characteristics, we have introduced a self-supporting accounting system divided by section. Each section specializes in a specific area, anticipates market needs, and performs procurement, planning and development, and commercialization of products, with prompt decision-making and risk-taking. The high precision with which our quality, cost, and delivery systems function to meet the requirements of our customers has won us great praise from within Japan and abroad.
As we move forward from here, we must not only pursue expansion within the same markets as we have done in the past, but rather we must also seek to evolve as an organization that can successfully take on the new challenges of market diversification and globalization.
Moving forward we must expand our overseas bases of operations in terms of both procurement and sales, and widen our network from point-to-point to include lines and surfaces as we take on the challenges of even larger markets. To achieve this, we are actively recruiting excellent human resources regardless of gender, age, or nationality, and also creating work environments abroad that are active and lively from the perspective of human resources development as well. Our goal is to be an organization in which diverse human resources, such as sales personnel, pattern makers, and designers, can fully exercise their abilities and skills, and ambitiously take on the challenge to find new approaches as a team. Massive changes are occurring amid the numerous ways we are becoming connected such as mutually getting to know and respect, and deepening our understanding of each other in terms of national characters, cultures, and similar characteristics. I hope that we will continue to have our unique presence on the international stage as well. I believe that the attitudes of “Independence and Autonomy” and “Reliability is Job One”, which have always been greatly valued at TAKISADA-NAGOYA since our founding, and creating even better partnerships with our suppliers will continue to result in advancement and growth in both the textile and apparel industries overall.

If I were to pick something to symbolize TAKISADA-NAGOYA, it would be the color green.
We have cultivated an urban forest on the grounds of our head office as a part of our efforts to be surrounded by lush beautiful greenery that have been well received by everyone. This collection of all-different trees, planted individually one by one, further adds to the image of our globe-hopping employees traveling hither and yon around the globe as “Takisada traders”. Resolutely taking on new challenges to find new solutions aids the growth of our partner businesses and contributes to the creation of a prosperous society. I am confident that developing human resources and gathering together individual capabilities and prowess like trees in a forest will be key in enabling TAKISADA-NAGOYA to not only survive but thrive in the future.