Twin Pillars of Support: Main Activities of Sales in China and Production Support for Takisada-Nagoya

Sales in China consist of textiles from TAKISADA-NAGOYA and original textiles from TAKISADA(SHANGHAI). TAKISADA(SHANGHAI) will play the central role in expanding our sales on a global level. Production support consists of coordinating with supplier companies in China and controlling them to support TAKISADA-NAGOYA business operations. It is also responsible for production oversight in the ASEAN region.

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Company Overview

Business Operations Textiles sales, and menswear and womenswear sales
Established Sept. 2003
Representative Takeomi Kuroda
Head Office Rm.1606 Shanghai International Trade Center No.2201 Yanan Road(W.) Shanghai Beijing Branch Office Shenzhen Branch Office
Capital 13.8 million yuan
Employees 50 persons (eight persons assigned from Japan)
Sales 198 million yuan
Suppliers/Customers Chinese apparel companies, Takisada-Nagoya, etc.
Main Activities Sales of TAKISADA-NAGOYA textiles to apparel manufacturers in China Sales of textiles manufactured by TAKISADA-NAGOYA(SHANGHAI) to apparel manufacturers in China Management of Chinese production of TAKISADA-NAGOYA
This company controls products and delivery deadlines as the liaison for Chinese production for various sections of TAKISADA-NAGOYA. It also performs operations such as creating paper patterns for products sewn in China and performing grading to contribute to smooth production in China.

Company Overview

Business Operations Textile production management and CAD
Established Jan. 2010
Representative Takeomi Kuroda
Head Office Rm.1606 Shanghai International Trade Center No.2201 Yanan Road(W.) Shanghai
Capital 6.8 million yuan
Employees 24 persons
Sales 17 million yuan
Organizational Diagram