From one thread, from one idea, from one piece of textile.
Manufacturing starts from a single element, carefully adding the other elements one by one, and not
long after, we breathe life into a new product.
With the passion and spirit of challenge of each of our employees, steadily advancing from a single
element, we weave an exciting future.


150 Years Since our Founding
Tradition and Innovation,
Inherited Aspirations

More than 150 years of the DNA of our predecessors
flows through our veins.
While continuously inheriting the simple and sincere “way of the merchant”,
we are leading the way into the next era without fear of risk or innovation.
Every day, we set out from here to find a new “One”.

Company Information


Staying a Step Ahead
of the Market,
Eight Business Divisions
Playing a Vital Role
in the Industry

Instead of manufacturing based on orders received, we constantly
anticipate markets and needs in developing new products,
and seek ways to create our own trends.
We support business growth with the trinity of planning,
production, and sales.

Our Business



Challenges of a Global Scale
Continuously Evolving
on a Global Level

From extremely detailed market research to procurement of raw materials,
and cultivation of new production bases and sales outlets,
we are developing on a truly global scale.
We are connected by a global network reaching across the countries
of Europe, North America, and Asia to provide optimal solutions.

Japanese and
Overseas Locations